Videographer Jeff GammonsStormchaser Videographer Photographer Jeff Gammons

My name is , a South Florida native that will likely never move out of Florida unless it’s further south into the Caribbean. Visiting this website you can tell I’m definitely into weather. Really, it’s more like I’m completely addicted to it, and I have been chasing severe storms and hurricanes since the mid 1990s. I have a huge passion for everything weather (except for Winter) that began in 1988 when I watched on the local news as a massive category 5 hurricane named Gilbert was deep in the Caribbean. I was fascinated by this powerful cyclone, and my interest grew from there. Of course, I was always interested in all the lightning storms Florida see’s throughout a given year, and always looked forward to the summer rainy seasons growing up in SFL.

Today I love to chase storms, it’s that simple. Regardless if I’m making a living doing it, it's my passion for storms that drives me to invest so much of my life into it. Whether it be Supercell thunderstorms in Tornado Alley during May and June, sea breeze Florida lightning storms June through September, or a landfalling category 3 hurricane in Florida or the Gulf coast, I want to be there to experience it.

Filming on setSome Downtime But Came Back Strong After Sucessful Kidney Transplant

Shortly after filming the record breaking 2004-2005 hurricane season’s, I learned that my health was slowly deteriorating from kidney failure. It was devastating news to me, but I remained positive that I would get through it. My health kept me from traveling much from 2006-2009 while I waited for a matching kidney donor. I continued to shoot Florida storms during that time, which helped me stay positive for the future.

In early 2009 I decided to take advantage of my downtime to learn more about visual storytelling as I wanted to go beyond just being a storm video shooter. So, I attended film school to learn more about screenwriting, cinematography, lighting, sound and post-production. It was the best thing I could of ever done. It opened a whole new door of creativity for me, and I’ve learn to take that new knowledge and incorporate it into my love of weather. I completed film school in the late fall of 2010.

On Easter Sunday (April 12, 2009) around sunrise, I received the call I had been waiting for the last several years. They had a kidney for me, and I had to rush to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami to receive my life-saving transplant, and it was a very sobering experience. My surgery was about 4 hours and complicated free. The next day I learned that my donor was from a young 20 year old that unfortunately lost their life the previous day. I’m extremely grateful to this person for becoming a donor and allowing me to regain my life. This person is physically with me everyday, and I’m very thankful. My recovery from the transplant was very successful, and in January 2010 I was back in full force. I returned to filming storms and living a more normal life again feeling stronger than ever.

Jeff Gammons Hurricane Alex 2010 wavesAppearances In Television and Print Media Over The Last 10 Plus Years

Over the last decade my weather footage and sometimes myself have been featured in TV documentaries and shows, breaking weather news events, print publications, radio broadcasts and the web. I’ve also been a freelance videographer stringer for The Weather Channel from 2003 to present. I also have done several video presentations at local South Florida Elementary Schools speaking to 4-5th graders about hurricanes and severe weather. Below I have listed some of the more notable appearances beginning with the most recent. Thank you for visiting StormVisuals and viewing my work over the years. Any questions, inquiries for interviews and stock video, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.


  • WeatherNation TV - Phone interview and video during severe weather in Miami, FL. - March 2014.
  • National Geographic Wild TV Series - "Florida Untamed: Gator Country and Croc Coast". Featured Florida Everglades weather and storm timelapse footage. - April 2014.
  • WOKC Radio inteview on tracking down Florida weather and hurricanes. - Aired January 2014.


  • Super Typhoon Haiyan video coverage of storm photographer Jim Edds interview segment in Tacloban, Philippinges on CBS This Morning. - November 11, 2013.
  • The Weather Channel / NBC Universal "Hurricane Week: Weather Caught On Camera" New 2013 interview talking hurricane chasing. - First episode will focus on chasing hurricane Alex in 2010, and then in the third episode watch as Jim Edds and myself try to survive Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi Mississippi back in 2005. We revisit the Mississippi Coliseum where we rode out Hurricane Katrina's deadly storm surge and talk about the chase. - To air in late July 2013.
  • Pre-season Hurricane interview with WKMG-TV (CBS 6) in Orlando, FL. To air on May 31, 2013 at 8pm during their annual hurricane preparedness show called "Surviving The Storm". Talked about chasing hurricanes and why I do it with meteorologist Troy Bridges.
  • WFLX Fox29 and WPTV News Channel 5 NBC in West Palm Beach. Interviewed for the evening news about the dangers of storm chasing. - June 3, 2013
  • WeatherNation Tropical Storm Andrea coverage.  Video footage contributer and live phoner interview from Cedar Key, Florida. - June 6, 2013
  • WPTV NBC 5 West Palm - Tropical Storm Andrea footage and phone interview for evening news. - June 6, 2013.
  • Featured / Profiled in The Palm Beach Post about chasing and documenting visually severe storms and hurricanes in Florida. With a background in living with Kidney Desase and how the weather got me through the hard times waiting for a kidney. - June 20, 2013 Edition. 



  • Four lightning pictures published on front page of - October 2011
  • Florida no-named Tropical Storm footage featured on TWC / CNN - October 9-10, 2011
  • National Geographic Explorer Series "Stormageddon": Featured stormchaser - May 29, 2011
  • CNN and The Weather Channel: Severe storm straight-line winds footage - May 14-15, 2011
  • History Channel: “How The States Got Their Shapes” archival weather video - TBA / 2011
  • NatGeo Channel "Witness Disaster": Featured Footage Hurricane Charley - June 4, 2011


  • Travel Channel Series "Worlds Worst Weather": Featured hurricane chaser - November 2010
  • Okeechobee News: Lake Waterspout photograph featured on front page - August 11, 2010
  • CNN Morning and HLN: Waterspout footage - August 2010
  • Okeechobee News: Lightning photograph featured on front page - August 25, 2010
  • The Weather Channel: Footage coverage of Hurricane Alex - June 30, 2010
  • Salina Journal: Profiled as Plains stormchaser - June 27, 2010
  • WPTV News NBC 5: Lightning footage story - June 2010
  • The Weather Channel: Florida record freeze footage - January 2010


  • Gainesville FL Radio: Interview on chasing Tropical Storm Ida in Pensacola, FL - 2009
  • Hardcover Book: “Risky Living” by Tom Jones. Featured stormchaser - Published Fall 2009
  • Good Morning America: Lake Okeechobee Waterspout video featured - June 24, 2009
  • The Weather Channel: Dr. Greg Forbes analyzed Lake Waterspout footage - June 23, 2009
  • The Weather Channel: Pompano Beach, FL Waterspout footage - May 2009


  • CNN Breaking Weather: Tropical Storm Fay video - August 2008
  • The Weather Channel: Tropical Storm Fay video - August 2008
  • WPTV News NBC 5: Tropical Storm Fay LIVE phoner interview - August 2008
  • Barometer Bob Show: Live interview from National Hurricane Conference show - April 2008
  • CNN / Weather Channel: Florida wildfires and drought footage coverage - early 2008


  • Numerous Media Outlets: Footage of Florida severe drought and wildfires of 2007


  • The Weather Channel” “Hurricane Week” footage from 04-05 seasons - 2006


  • WPTV NBC 5: Live interview during Hurricane Wilma chase West Palm Beach, FL - 2005
  • WPLG ABC Miami: Live interview during Hurricane Rita chase Key West, FL - 2005
  • A Current Affair: Exclusive Hurricane Katrina video and interview day after - 2005
  • Canada AM TV: Exclusive Hurricane Katrina LIVE interviews and footage during eye - 2005
  • Tampa Bay CBS 10: Interview on chasing Category 4 Hurricane Charley - May 2005
  • WPTV NBC 5: Pre-Hurricane Season show. Hurricane footage. - 2005


  • Tech TV: “The Screen Savers” - Live on set talking tech associated with storm chasing - 2004
  • Discovery Channel Canada: Footage featured in Hurricanes of 2004 documentary. - 2004
  • State Farm Insurance TV Ad: Hurricane footage - 2004
  • Punta Gorda Herald: Hurricane Charley DVD review interview. - 2004
  • Sun Herald Newspaper: Hurricane Charley interview featured front page Business - 2004
  • Clear Channel Radio: Featured at hurricane recovery block party Punta Gorda - 2004
  • WPTV NBC 5: “September’s Fury” Hurricane Frances, Ivan, Jeanne DVD interview - 2004
  • WPBF ABC 25: Interview on chasing tornadoes, hurricanes and FL lightning. - 2004
  • National Geographic Channel: Filming Florida seabreeze lightning storms. - 2004


  • Okeechobee News: Cover story on chasing hurricanes and Florida storms. - 2003
  • CNN Headline News: Severe storm coverage. - 2003


  • WPTV NBC 5: Live Hurricane Lili phoner coverage from Louisiana coast. - 2002
  • WPTV NBC 5: In studio interview discussing Hurricane Lili chase - 2002
  • PBS Series: “New Florida” Featured in cover story on passion of chasing weather - 2002
  • Associated Press (AP): Featured in photo taken during Hurricane Lili. - 2002
  • Boca Magazine: Featured in a story as local hurricane chaser. - October 2002
  • WPTV NBC 5: Stormchasing from Florida to the Plains story. - 2002


  • ABC Tampa: Interview on chasing Tropical Storm Gabrielle Gulf coast - 2001


  • Chelco News: Hurricane Georges photograph featured on cover. - 2000



  • McKnights Long-Term Care News: Hurricane Georges pictures featured - 1998