My Storm Season Closes Looking Ahead To 2012

Jeff Gammons captures large swells on Hutchinson Island, FL. - October 2011

It’s Over, For This Season

It’s a new month and the end of the Florida storm season for me. November usually marks my end to filming storms and hurricanes, and I begin to focus on the off-season projects and look ahead to the upcoming year. I’m currently editing together a highlight video of 2011 that I should have up here on the site very soon, so keep tabs on my Twitter and Google+ feeds over the next few weeks. I’ve also locked in two non-weather related filming projects that should keep me sane while the storms are away.

No Hurricane Chasing For Me

I filmed no hurricanes in 2011, as most of the tropical cyclones never reached the United States outside of Hurricane Irene. I opted not to chase Irene in North Carolina as she was forecast to be weakening at the time of landfall, and I felt that it wasn’t worth the time and investment for a storm on the downward trend in organization and intensity. If you were going to feel the full force of Irene’s core, you had to be in the Bahamas like my fellow Hurricane Chasers Jim Edds and Mike Theiss when she was at her strongest as a category 3 hurricane. One thing I know is the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season was truly a strange one.

Wild Florida Storms Make It All Good

When it came to being busy shooting weather and storms, the Florida wet season sure paid off. My season started off covering an impressive wild fire season due to the drought conditions across Florida, but quickly transitioned into an active sea-breeze thunderstorm season. From June through October, I was busy filming some of the best Florida storm structure I have seen in years. Even spending a significant amount of time filming long-duration timelapses of many of the storms, which you’ll get to see many of them in my highlight video soon.

I always have that comfort of falling back to my Florida storms when I’m not out in Tornado Alley chasing, or intercepting tropical storms and hurricanes in the summer. Once again, Florida came through with some impressive stormy skies to frame up with my camera’s, and helping to keep my creativity flowing.

Eyeing 2012 Tornado Season

I have passed the last few years on chasing in Tornado Alley for many reasons (including my pre-kidney transplant years), and I truly miss it. I was active out there for so many spring seasons in the past and I plan to return in 2012. I did chase one High Risk event in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee earlier this Spring getting on several Supercell thunderstorms. It was great to be back out chasing real cyclic Supercells away from the palm trees of Florida, and I am really excited to roam the Great Plains once again this upcoming season. - There is a lot of work for me to do over the Winter months… and I have already begun.

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