Florida Drought 2011 Pictures - Wet Season Nears

Severe drought ground cracks northern Everglades, FL.

The Florida dry season really has stood up to its name this past winter and spring, with record rainfall deficits and impressive dry surface conditions throughout central and south Florida. The scene above is an area located in the lower Kissimmee River basin in Glades County, showing the drought effects.

Canal water levels have significantly dropped the last 8 weeks, leaving boats sitting on the bottom below the docks, and making it very difficult to get in and out onto Lake Okeechobee for fishing.

Boats sit on bottom of drought stricken canal.

There is some relief in sight, as the start of the wet season should begin within the next two weeks. This Sunday through Wednesday looks to have an increase in afternoon sea breeze thunderstorms, and bring some much welcome rains. Though, those welcome rains also bring lightning, and lightning starts brushfires like the ongoing fire in Big Cypress National Preserve. Wildfires that started a few weeks back in Martin and Palm Beach counties were also due to lightning storms.

Strong winds spread large wildfire.

I’m really looking forward to the wet season, but it will take some time before the brushfires burn out and the water levels return closer to normal. Let’s not forget, the start of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is just a few weeks away too, and that will become my main focus going into summer. Bring on the rains!

Turtle sits in dried up canal in Lakeport, FL.

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