Awesome Seabreeze Pulse Thunderstorm Structure

Florida pulse severe thunderstorm June 2011

Father’s Day Sea Breeze Thunderstorms South Florida Style

Yesterday afternoon I was treated to an awesome display of sea-breeze thunderstorm structure, that I was able to squeeze in before Father's Day activities. The east coast and lake breeze boundaries converged over southeast Martin and northwest Palm Beach counties, producing a beautiful pulse severe storm that lasted about 45 minutes.

There was robust convection all along the boundary, and with a few ongoing cells in eastern Palm Beach County. I was located just south of the Martin County line along 441 south. I had a great clear view to the east, where I watch enhanced towering cumulus  develop along the boundary. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the next big cell developed, so I stopped to setup my camera gear to shoot a time-lapse, HD video and some still photography.

Thunderstorm development structure

Plenty Of Time To Watch and Film Storm Development

As the row of pictures show above, it wasn’t long before the cell became very vertical with convection. I started rolling video and shooting stills, as this cell blossomed into a fantastic and classic looking pulse thunderstorm. Visibility was great, and I had a view from 15-20 miles to the west to capture this awesome storm structure.

It turned out to be the storm of the day for me, and I was pleased to have captured an impressive time-lapse for my ongoing film project, and not to mention, be treated to some very cool storm eye candy. 

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