Lightning Timelapse Filming And Big Mosquitoes 

Anvil crawlers over central FLoridaAnvil lightning crawlers dance in the night sky over the palms.

Last night was one of those nights I wait for all season long, when thunderstorms develop late into the evening hours and remain isolated. After dinner, I noticed a small isolated storm that was ongoing up in Central Florida that developed along the east and west coast breeze boundaries colliding. Radar showed the cell slowly back-building to the south-southwest along the boundary, and I just knew I needed to head out and take a peek.

I grabbed my mosquitoes spray (which was significantly used) and my cameras, and headed out to the Kissimmee Prairie State Park located in northern Okeechobee County. The storm was slowly tracking southward just west of the Kissimmee River over extreme eastern Polk and Highlands counties, and this location provided me an awesome wide-open landscape view of the lightning show.

I shot off some test exposures and set my frame for the storm movement, and then let the lightning timelapse roll. I had to return to the car several times due to the very aggressive mosquitoes, but the camera continued to shoot away on remote for about 45 minutes as the sky filled with vivid anvil crawlers and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. 

This was one of the nocturnal lightning events I had been waiting to film all season, although over the Atlantic Ocean, but I'm very pleased how the timelapse sequence came out after doing my post-edit work on it this morning. It looks great! There looks to possibly be one more round of evening thunderstorms tonight before the first stout cold front of the season moves in drying out the Florida atmosphere for the next week. I will be out there again tonight if the storms roam in the dark.

Note: Many of the weather timelapses and footage I have blogged about over the last few months will be featured in a web video I will publish here on the site later in October. Have a great weekend everyone!

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