Getting Ready For The Seabreeze Storm Season

Awaiting The Wet and Storm Season

It's that time of year again when I begin to pay attention to the weather forecast models more closely for storms as spring approaches. The first day of spring is only a few days away, and a large portion of the United States has already been experiencing well above normal temperatures and intense severe weather with deadly tornadoes.

Storm chaser Jeff Gammons looking out at storm.

Drought Improving Slowly, Wildfires Minimal For Now

Here in Florida I have already been on a few short semi-severe storm chases over the last several weeks, and the recent heavy rains have helped to keep wildfires threats low across the Sunshine State. This time last year Florida was experiencing even more significant drought conditions, and the wildfire season was just getting started.

I spent much of March and April 2011 covering the drought and brushfires in central and southern FL, and was hoping for any type of rain action at that time. So far this year the fires have been sporadic, although there was a very dangerous wildfire that caused a deadly vehicle pileup on Interstate 95 earlier in the year in north Florida.

lightning started wildfires in FL.

Ready For The Sea Breeze Boundary Action

I'm not sure if I'll make it out to Tornado Alley again this year (I really miss chasing in the Plains) with so many ongoing projects, but I would like to chase at least one impressive setup out there if possible. I'll likely chase a few Dixie Alley chases as well if it looks to be a significant event.

Without a doubt I'm ready for the lightning storm season to fully kick in, but that usually doesn't begin until the first few weeks of May. I'm hoping for an early onset of those 3 o'clock pm magic sea-breeze thunderstorms starting in April, but I know all too well that ridging can take hold over this long peninsula and increase the drought effects and bring on more wildfires... I'd rather have the rain.

So, my blog posts will once again become more frequent as the season develops, and I plan to include more video blog posts this season as many of you have requested this on Twitter.

Pulse severe thunderstorm

Launched The New Florida Weather Blog Page

I'd also like to mention that I launched a secondary blog here on StormVisuals that focuses more on Florida weather news. I created it because I do cover a lot of weather events here in FL, but sometimes they don't always warrant getting published here on my main blog. So check it out, especially if you're a resident during this upcoming 2012 hurricane season.

That's it for now, time to go clean out those camera bags for the busy season ahead.

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