FL Storms Stronger and More Isolated Today - Photos

Another Florida Afternoon Local Storm-chase.

Today brought more strong to low-end severe storms to south and central Florida. Unlike the last few days, storms were a little more isolated as drier air moved into the region, but with stronger surface heating under full sun, it wasn't long before cell's began to develop with some becoming severe.

The east coast sea-breeze boundary was more defined compared to the last few afternoon's, and penetrated further inland interacting with the lake breeze boundaries setting off the first storms of the day. These initial thunderstorms produced outflow boundaries tracking northwestward over western Palm Beach and Martin counties and converged with the west coast boundary.

This impressive convergence developed more robust convection into eastern Glades County, and this is where I first got on my cell of the day. It took a little while for the storm to become more surface-based, but once it got rooted it took off.

I chased the storm into Okeechobee and western St Lucie Counties, where it become more organized, and at times showed some signs of low-level rotation as it tracked east-northeastward, but would get undercut shortly after. The lightning was very intense, and I had only a few small opportunities to get out and roll video and shoot photos. Once the storm became more outflow dominate nearing the county line, it began producing some strong straight-line winds as I tried to stay ahead.

I finished off with a round of sunset shelf-cloud structure shots before packing it in for the day and heading home. I can't believe how active the rainy season has started off this year for the Sunshine State, have enjoyed it over the hot and dry weather of April.  

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