Tropical Storm Debby Producing Florida Tornadoes

Debby Causing Mainland Florida Tornadoes

Florida had numerous tornadoes on Sunday (20 reports per SPC) that were associated with Tropical Storm Debby currently in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. These tornadoes where short-lived, but were still very dangerous. One EF2 tornado that ripped through the small south-central Florida community of Lake Placid killed one person and damaged nearly 10 homes along with surrounding structures and trees. Fire Rescue and power crews as seen below worked through the late day rushing to get power restored and begin the cleanup process for local residents.

Crew's cleanup after Lake Placid tornado spawned my Tropical Storm Debby. - June 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby's eastern circulation continued all day Sunday sending bands of heavy tropical showers and thunderstorms into the west coast of Florida. These long bands had embedded mini-supercells that would produce the tornadoes. Some of the cells yesterday also produced some impressive tornadic supercells just offshore Juno Beach and Miami Beach. There are a lot of pictures circulating the web this morning of impressive tornadic waterspout structure and inland tornadoes from the central and southern part of the peninsula.

Tornado Watches Continue For The Sunshine State

Florida is once again under the gun for a threat of tornadoes as Tropical Storm Debby remains almost stationary, and is only forecast to slowly track toward the Florida Big Bend region over the next 4 days. This sets up a major flooding threat after already two days of significant rainfall up to 10 inches and several more days expected as the storm will be very slow to move.



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