Hurricane Journey and Video Projects Keeping Me Busy

Staying Productive The Last Two Months

I am finally able to get a new update posted after a crazy busy schedule the last 8 weeks working on 2 video projects for release later this year, and a new interactive iBook for iPad about hurricanes called "Hurricane Journey - Life In The Danger Zone" which I am happy to announce is now available in the iBookstore

The new book was a fun and learning experience working with fellow hurricane photographer Jim Edds, taking on a whole new road developing a visual interactive book for the iPad. It wasn't easy, but I'm very excited all that hard work is done and now can be shared with everyone.

Getting Back Into The Grind with Weather

I have ventured out the last month to shoot Florida storms like I usually would, but significantly less than last year being tied to a office the last month. I plan to head back out starting today and get back to covering the afternoon storms while in the peak of the wet season. I still need to update some of my photography galleries with new pictures captured in June and July, so look for those over the next week.

Luckily, the hurricane season hasn't been very active, with a few tropical storms and just recently Hurricane Ernesto tracking into Mexico. We're now moving into the peak portion of the hurricane season, and I will be closely monitoring the tropics through the end of September for any possible chase intercepts. The best way to keep tabs on me is either checking here or my Twitter feed for the latest on the tropics, especially if a storm becomes a threat to the United States.

Speaking of hurricanes, today marks 8 years since powerful category 4 Hurricane Charley slammed into Punta Gorda, Florida. Charley is one of the cyclones featured in our new book, with amazing videos and pictures of the historic weather event.

That's it for now while I get back into my summer weather groove, and please, if you do download our new book I would love to hear your feedback being this is our first time working in this format. I really think you'll enjoy it! All the best - Jeff

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