Florida Sea Breeze Convergence Zone Timelapse Video

Anticipating The Boundary Collision

Last Friday (August 17, 2012) I setup my camera to shoot a timelapse video sequence of an outflow boundary colliding with the east coast sea-breeze boundary over southeast Florida. The outflow boundary developed from earlier thunderstorms over Glades County, and this boundary raced eastward across the Glades portions of Palm Beach County during the late afternoon hours.  The boundary was well defined on radar, and I knew I only had about an hour to get into position for the shot.

After shooting some storm photos in the Canal Point region near Lake Okeechobee, I packed up and got ahead of the gust front out into clear air. On radar I could see a sharp sea breeze boundary almost stationary about 15 miles inland from the coast and this was my target. This boundary extended from Jupiter southward to Boca Raton, and I knew this was going to be the next intense afternoon convergence zone for storms.

The outflow boundary (gust front) racing eastward looked to be bowing out just a tad in central Palm Beach County, so I decided to stop along S.R. 80 about 7 miles west of Wellington. There was a small park on the south side of the highway, and this allowed me to setup my tripod and camera away from traffic, plus it was a wide open view to the east and in view of the eastern boundary.

Camera Ready...Time For Some Storm Action

It wasn't long before the gust front blasted through my location with gusty west winds and some dust from the sugarcane fields. To my east I could see the small line of cumulus clouds lined up along the breeze boundary and knew it was almost showtime. I checked my camera settings while taking a few test shots.

Sure enough, the entire line of clouds began to rapidly build upward as the two boundaries collided forcing everything upward into the atmosphere. It was an amazing sight and I knew at that point this would be a very interesting timelapse video of the east coast convergence zone.

The video isn't very long and I added some music to spice it up some, so, let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it. 

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