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Hurricane Isaac Chase Updates Florida And Gulf Coast

Below will be the main blog post that I will update during my Hurricane Isaac chase / intercept over the next several days. Today (Saturday August 25, 2012) I am departing for the Florida Keys. I plan to intercept and film Tropical Storm or Hurricane Isaac in the central and lower Keys on Sunday. Later Sunday night I plan to leave the Keys (road conditions pending) and head northbound for the second forecasted landfall of Isaac in the Florida Panhandle region for Tuesday.

You can follow my quick updates on Twitter: @StormVisuals and more detailed updates with photos and some video here on the website. Thanks! - Jeff Gammons

Latest Updates Chasing Hurricane Isaac:

Update: 8:43am CT - 8/28/12 - Made it to Gulfport, MS and now with Jim Edds. Stayed the night along the Gulf only a few miles to the west of where Jim and I filmed and survived Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago tomorrow. Very sobering to return here and still seeing the scars left by Katrina and the horror stories from local residents.

Waiting to see if Isaac gets upgraded to a hurricane at the 11am update from NHC, as Recon this morning has finally found some hurricane force winds to the east of the center. Jim and I plan to do some more scouting around the coast and revisit the Mississippi State Coliseum where we rode out and filmed the most impressive storm surge to date.

Update: 11:12pm ET - 8/26/12 - Made it back out of the Florida Keys after filming in Key West all day. Isaac brushed Key West tracking about 40 miles to the south with a few strong squalls. Now in West Palm Beach at the Turnpike Plaza looking over the latest Isaac data and forecast from the NHC. Looks like the track has once again shifted to the west closer to New Orleans, and this will add more miles to the trip. going to stop for rest after midnight and look over everything again in the early morning.

Update: 2:09pm ET - 8/26/12 - Several strong feeder-bands have move through Key West in the last hour. Nothing too bad these great Key West locals can't handle. Overall, Isaac's radar and satellite presentation has improved, but still taking some time to develop a more robust inner core. Waiting to see how close the surface circulation gets to Key West later today. Back out into the squalls to film. :-) Tropical Storm Isaac 2012

Update: 10:31pm ET - 8/26/12 - Currently sitting along the eastern beaches of Key West awaiting Tropical Storm Isaac. Isaac should make a very close or direct brush with Key West late this afternoon. Also waiting on the latest update from NHC coming up at 11am. Winds are slowly beginning to increase.

Update: 10:59pm ET - 8/25/12 - Resting for the night Keys Style for tomorrow's possible hurricane intercept of Isaac near Key West. Isaac remains a 60mph tropical storm late tonight, but expected to be near hurricane strength as it nears the lower Florida Keys on Sunday.

Update: 1:34pm ET - 8/25/12 - Currently en-route to the Florida Keys to setup for tomorrow's first U.S. landfall. Tropical Storm Isaac remains a 60mph storm moving northwest just off the northeast coast of Cuba.

Southern Florida and the Keys have already been experiencing very heavy tropical rainfall from a disturbance tracking just ahead of Isaac. This heavy rain will slow my travels into the Keys by a few hours, as traffic will be heavy coming out of the Keys tonight.

Isaac wind and rain