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Lightning Storms Entertaining Me Once Again

Sister lightning strikes (CG's) over FL.

A great complex of lightning storms developed over eastern Glades, Highlands and Okeechobee counties last night. The first day of August gave one fantastic lightning show that started around sunset and lasted well into the evening hours.

Over the last few weeks I’ve put off going out after dark for Florida lightning photography opportunities due to several other projects I’ve been working on. Plus, the Saharan Dust and stubborn high pressure systems killed off thunderstorm chances over a good 10-12 day period during the second half of July. It was painful not seeing any good storms for almost two weeks. Luckily I had weak Tropical Storm Bonnie to stir up some interesting weather last week to keep me sane.

Lighting picture series.Last night was enjoyable to get back out and shoot some vivid lightning storms. Besides dealing with some mosquitoes and fire ants, it was a fun few hours watching and capturing the classic sea breeze storms deliver some cloud-to-ground lightning (CG) action once again. 


June Lightning Storms Always Deliver

Florida lighting storm at night.Thunderstorms Make A Return

After these few recent weeks with below normal lightning storms, the South Florida interior skies lit up once again on Wednesday evening. Persistent mid and upper-level ridging lately has kept afternoon and early evening seabreeze thunderstorms from developing. Finally over the last several days, storms have slowly increased in numbers and have lasted later into the evening hours.
We had several rounds of afternoon lightning storms on Wednesday, which made it a little tough getting my yard work done, but helped to cool things off. So, after the dinner hour I went outside to check on something and noticed the skies had cleared from the earlier storms. I wasn’t expecting anymore action for the day and put it out of my mind. Well, I should of known better than to write off the rest of the day when there were still outflow boundaries drifting around, and it’s mid June in Florida.
Boundaries Come Together After Dark To Play
I’m working away on some weather time-lapse archive stuff in the office, when I hear the rumbles of distant thunder.  Sure enough, after a quick peak at the radar (RadarScope) on my iPhone, I see a new narrow line of storms has developed over the northern waters of Lake Okeechobee. It looked like a outflow boundary was stationary across the northern region of the lake, and there remained enough convergence over the water to fire off a vivid storm for about 25 minutes.
I quickly grabbed my tripod and 5D, and headed out down the canal street to get a better view. I would of liked a better view of the horizon and water, but this storm wasn’t going to last that long. I setup and started firing away shots. As you can see above, I was able to capture a few good ones worth posting. The storm gave me about 7 good frames out of the 27 I shot. As fast as the storm developed, it quickly dissipated. It really made my evening to get out for a while and shoot some classic Florida lightning photography. Nothing opens the summer wet season like a good evening lightning storm in June. 
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