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Palm Beach Storms Show Classic Shelf Structure

Long shelf cloud on gust front storm.

A classic view of a South Florida multi-clustered area of thunderstorms with a decent shelf cloud. This was a line of storms that tracked from around Orlando southward into the Everglades throughout the afternoon hours. This picture shows the large gust front / shelf cloud structure blasting southeastward over western Palm Beach County, FL on 8/8/10.


Tiered Shelf Clouds Open Florida Thunderstorm Season

May 19, 2010 - Over the last several afternoons and evenings in South and Central Florida, the skies have given way to the native Florida thunderstorm season. Yes, that’s right, my favorite time of year for lightning storms has returned.  May 16-17 produced some impressive classic sea breeze thunderstorms that developed over the interior portions of the state. I captured some great looking storm structure shots of classic shelf clouds on pulse storms gusting out in the lower Kissimmee River basin.

Classic shelf cloud.

This beautiful storm above was shot on Monday afternoon (5/17/10) around 3pm ET. It was associated with a bowing line of lightning storms tracking through Okeechobee County, FL. Likely the best so far in 2010 for tiered shelf clouds / gust front.

Gust front nears Buckhead Ridge, FL.
The day before on the 16th brought another decent storm with a shelf clouds from a storm moving in from Buckhead Ridge, FL. This scene was captured on the end of the pier located on the extreme northern shore of Lake Okeechobee.

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