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2017 Hurricane Names and Season Dates
Coconut palm trees in hurricane force winds.
When does hurricane season start in Florida?
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season in FL begins on Thursday June 1st, and runs through until November 30th. The months of August and September are considered the “peak months” of the season each summer. Have your hurricane plan ready!


What are the 2017 hurricane names?
Below you can find the list of hurricane names that will be used during the 2017 Atlantic basing season. Names are recycled every 6 years unless they are retired.

Arlene Bret Cindy Don Emily Franklin Gert

Harvey  Irma Jose Katia Lee Maria Nate

Ophelia Philippe Rina Sean Tammy Vince Whitney


Devastating Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath Video From Taclaban Philippines

New Documentary Film! Typhoon Haiyan - Journey To Tacloban - By Jim Edds is now available on-demand!

Storm photographer Jim Edds just released new aftermath footage taken shortly after the winds of the deadly typhoon subsided in Tacloban, Philippines.

A sobering view of how desperate the situation on the ground in Tacloban really is after Typhoon Haiyan. Roadways covered in dangerous debris, power lines down everywhere, sharp debris hidden by flooded streets and debarked vegetation from the very intense category 5 winds.


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Reader Comments (3)

The name of the place is Tacloban not Taclaban
November 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterfrancis
Apologies for the misspelling.
November 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterJeff Gammons
You did a great job, and happy you made it out o.k!

Sure enough, the reports are coming in now; with reports of up 10,000 dead in one city(Tacloban )

alone! I made nearly 50 typhoon penetrations with the USAF from 1969-71. On one storm we had upgraded to a typhoon on our first flight. We tracked it for many days and Joint Typhoon Warning Center

put out great warnings for this storm; headed straight west for the Philippines. A couple of weeks later

I read in the Stars& Stripes newspaper that the storm killed 2,000 people in a village built on stilts there.

That inspired me to eventually work on a thesis on "The Human Response to Typhoons" at the University of the Phillipines.fron 1976-78. While there I interviwed people before, during, and after typhoons. One newspaper quote I remembered fron a very bad typhoon came from a lady saying "My God, My God, my town is gone!

I think that will be repeated many times for Typhoon Haiyan.

On Saturday, November 9, 2013 10:50 AM, steve sokol <> wrote:

Yes...The toll always rises when the reports trickle in from the provinces. It was that way, 45-50 years ago;

and still is..despite evacuations and better communications; Twitter; FB;etc. It's a a very poor country still;

made up of many islands.
November 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Sokol

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