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2017 Hurricane Names and Season Dates
Coconut palm trees in hurricane force winds.
When does hurricane season start in Florida?
The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season in FL begins on Thursday June 1st, and runs through until November 30th. The months of August and September are considered the “peak months” of the season each summer. Have your hurricane plan ready!


What are the 2017 hurricane names?
Below you can find the list of hurricane names that will be used during the 2017 Atlantic basing season. Names are recycled every 6 years unless they are retired.

Arlene Bret Cindy Don Emily Franklin Gert

Harvey  Irma Jose Katia Lee Maria Nate

Ophelia Philippe Rina Sean Tammy Vince Whitney


Video: Storm Photographer Awaits Super Typhoon Haiyan In The Philippines 

New Interview Video just released from Jim Edds with footage from Typhoon Haiyan.

Update 11/10/13 3:14am ET. - Just had the opportunity to have a quick FaceTime with Jim Edds who is now safe in Cebu. He's trying to digest everything that he just experienced and rehydrate. We plan to do a follow video to the one below later this morning.

Update 11/9/13 - 11:45pm ET - After almost 48 hours without hearing from Jim Edds I final heard from him early Saturday morning. He was able to get a few quick calls out via satcom that he borrowed. He described the amount of death around him in Tacloban as "significant casualties" and that the survivors are desperately needing fresh food and water. 

He was slowly making his way towards the airport in hopes to find a flight out late Saturday. Security was becoming concern for him as well, as he said looting was taking place all over the region. He will update me again once in finds more reliable communication.

Now looking back at the video interview below that I did with Jim about 2 hours before the deadly typhoon came ashore in Tacloban, Jim notes in the video (3:03) that the local people there in Tacloban didn't seem too concerned with the strength of the storm and remained near the coast. Now possibly knowing the significant loss of life during the storm, that makes Jim's comments very disturbing knowing maybe some people could have avoided the deadly storm surge if they evacuated further inland.

Update: 10:48pm ET - Last text message from Jim Edds (@extremestorms) was about 5 hours ago just before the eye came ashore in Tacloban. Severe tropical cyclone winds likely have produced major communication outages.

Video: Storm Photographer Jim Edds nervously awaits Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

In the last hour I had the opportunity to speak to my longtime  hurricane chase partner Jim Edds currently located in Tacloban, Philippines. Jim is directly in the path of Super Typhoon Haiyan near the coast to document the extremely dangerous landfall in the Philippines within the next few hours.

Thankfully I was able to get one last video FaceTime in with Jim before most if not all communication comes down with the violent winds beginning shortly. The video and audio are from an iPad with a last minute setup to capture the 11 minute conversation.

I will add to this page any further information I received from Jim or visuals over the next 12 hours.

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Nice. Thanks for covering
November 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWatdapak
Any word? Are we concerned at this point?
November 8, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterapm

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