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I invite you to browse my galleries (also see Instagram gallery) of weather and storm photography from the last few years. You’ll find a nice collection of my lightning, sea-breeze storms, rainfall, drought, tropical, waves, shelf clouds, wildfires, sunsets, thunderstorms, land-spouts, water-spouts, freezes, wildlife and more.  Conveniently browse galleries with easy lightbox navigation.  [ Licensing Available ]

Lightning PicturesLightning Storm Still Photography Gallery

One of my major passions when it comes to weather is lightning storms. Growing up in South Florida there is no shortage when it comes to lightning, and lightning has become a huge favorite of mine to shoot pictures of each summer storm season.

Severe StormsThunderstorm Structure Photography Gallery

Thunderstorms, whether they be in the roaming Great Plains of the central states, or the flat landscapes of the Florida peninsula, they can produce amazing views in the sky. Everything from rotating supercells, to pulse sea-breeze storms with impressive shelf cloud gust front structure.

Waterspouts and Landspouts FloridaWaterspouts and Landspouts Photo Gallery

Florida is known for having the perfect breeding environment for water-spouts in the surrounding Atlantic and Gulf waters, even Lake Okeechobee can produce waterspouts. Land-spouts also occasionally form over the interior counties along breeze boundaries.

Hurricane Pictures Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Photo Gallery

Hurricanes and tropical storms are my main passion when it comes to weather and meteorology, but I mostly shoot HD video footage when it comes to such storms. I do however capture some still pictures when I can, and you'll a few of them here.

Wildfire and drought gallery Drought and Wild Fire Photo Gallery

When there is drought, you usually see wild and brush fires accompanying such extreme weather events. Over the last few years I have captured some of the record droughts and fire seasons in Florida, and you can find those photographs here.


Large waves and beach erosionWaves, Surf and Beach Erosion Picture Gallery

Florida has some amazing wave action during late hurricane season, and over the winter months from nor'easters farther up the Atlantic coast . Here is a gallery of large waves and surf, along with some impressive beach erosion pictures.