Hurricane Dorian Live Florida Chase Updates

Strong seabreeze thunderstorm at sunset over the South Florida Everglades during the wet season of 2016.

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The weather video archive gallery section has years of hurricane and severe storm video footage going back to 1998. Including some major weather events like Hurricane Katrina and 13 other tropical storms and/or hurricanes to strike the coastlines of the United States. [ Start Watching ] 

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Check out some of the weather and wildlife photography galleries from over the last few years. Some great scenes of Florida lightning storms, shelf clouds, landscapes, sunsets, and wildlife. Along with some storm chasing views on the road. [ View Now

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The best way to keep tabs on new video and pictures, along with mobile chase updates, is on the blogs. There are 2 blogs to follow, one for daily new blog posts on chasing and current weather, and the other is strictly Florida weather updates via the road.


Weather Stock FootageHurricane Stock Video - Severe Weather and Florida Seabreeze Lightning Storms Archival Footage - HD ProRes Available

I mostly specialize in filming tropical cyclones (hurricanes) and Florida sea breeze lightning storms, although, I do chase and shoot Supercell thunderstorms in Tornado Alley. My collection of hurricane video and Florida weather go way back to the mid 1990’s. I have captured some impressive storms like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Wilma and about a dozen more tropical cyclones. I also shoot Florida weather almost on a full-time basis. Florida seabreeze thunderstorms is where it all started for me and my collection of footage and pictures is large. This includes the native summertime sea-breeze lightning storms, water-spouts, thunderstorms time-lapse, wildfires and tropical beach landscapes. You can read more about where on video footage has been featured on TV shows on my About page. For more information on licensing video, please visit my Stock Weather Video page. - DVD screeners and Apple ProRes timecoded files are available.